The Quantick


Marcello Chiuminatto Estevez

Senior Software Engineer

I bring extensive experience from the fin-tech sector, where I have led the design, coding, and implementation of solutions in banking, electronic payments, algorithmic trading infrastructure, and strategy development.

My career has afforded me the opportunity to work in multiple countries including Chile, Mexico, Dubai, and Uruguay, thus cultivating a diverse and multicultural perspective.

One of my most notable accomplishments is leading a team in the end-to-end design and implementation of a real-time algorithmic trading infrastructure. This project encompassed price streaming, algorithm execution, order placement and management, risk control, strategy evaluation, and trading monitoring and analytics.

While I prefer working under controlled conditions, I am adept at navigating dynamic and challenging environments, always with the business goals in clear focus.

Python is my go-to tool for development and research, chosen for its efficiency, philosophical approach, comprehensive library support for data science, web and back-end development, among other use cases, coupled with the robust support of its community.

Overall, my fin-tech expertise, supported by my global experiences, has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to succeed in this fast-paced industry.

Main Achievements

Professional Traders Group
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Design and implement an end-to-end FOREX trading infrastructure, including price feed consumption, algorithmic trading framework, trading algorithms backs testing, design and coding, position management, risk management, analytics.

Implement a strategy engine that was able to generate 5000+ different trading strategies.

Tech Leader
Altimetrik Uruguay
Punta del Este, Uruguay

Hands on leader of a team that implemented the Backstage portal developer to calculate the ownership for 1500+ GitHub repositories, reduce the project and repository creation time from weeks to minutes using Backstage templating. 

Project Manager
Banco Santiago (Banco Santander Chile)
Santiago, Chile

Lead the team that implemented the first electronic payment and collecting system for Banco Santiago de Chile, allowing the collecting of millions of dollars monthly, and processing thousands of electronic payments. 


  • Trading: Trading algorithms designing, implementation and analysis, price data streaming, distributed data processing, time series analysis, statistical analysis, exploratory data analysis. 
  • Leadership: Technical lead, team lead, area management. 
  • Software engineering: Architecture design, Back-end development, data scraping, data pipelines, data streaming, synchronous and asynchronous processing, web applications. 
  • Product management: Product definition, design thinking, financial analysis, product development, product roll-out, product performance analysis multi-disciplinary team coordination. 
  • International Experience: Worked in Chile, Mexico, United Arab Emirates and Uruguay. 
  • Remote working experience: More than 5 years of remote work. 
  • Entrepreneurship: Created consultancy company in software development tools and methodologies, providing services for important companies in Chile. Created a Trading Software Consultancy, providing services to a fintech in Dubai. He is currently working on building an algorithmic high frequency trading fund. 


 1993-1996 Information Technology Engineer 
Universidad Nacional Andres Bello, Chile   
 2022 Product Manager Nano Degree Program 
 2019 Agile Meets Design Thinking 
Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter Tuning, Regularization and Optimization 
Neural Networks and Deep Learning